Samsung Gear 360 Manager App Tour – 360 VR Video Review

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The Samsung Gear 360 Manager App is only available (at the moment) for the latest Samsung mobile devices. I give you a quick tour of this app in the video and also mention one thing that’s got my goat!

Please watch the other videos in this series for more information about the Samsung Gear 360 Camera and Software Suite.


This is not a series of sponsored videos. I was not sent this camera from Samsung. I bought the Gear 360 Camera from South Korea as soon as they were available to buy. This is a technology that I’ve been excited about for a while and it’s great to finally get my hands on an excellent little camera like this.

At the time of making these videos I have owned the camera for just over a month and have used it a lot for personal use but also at work where we’ve pitched the idea of using 360VR video to clients – and I think they’re as excited as we are!

These videos contain tips, likes and dislikes with regards to the camera, app and software in the Gear 360 suite.

I hope these videos help you make an informed desicion about whether or not this camera is right for you.

But really, you KNOW it is 😉