Nikon Key Mission review after use under water vs Samsung Gear 360

Notez cet article

Hi everyone,
This is not a series of sponsored videos. I was not sent these cameras from Nikon or Samsung. I bought them for different purposes. I bought the Samsung when it first came out. then I needed a waterproof 360 camera and that’s when I bought the Nikon.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t use Nikon camera for more than 2 days in a row.
On the first day, I took the camera for a snorkeling session and the camera stopped working.
I found out that the water got inside and damaged the camera despite the fact that it should be waterproof.

I had one gopro in one hand and the 360 key mission in the other hand. The key mission was locked correctly.

This video video is a feedback on my experience after using both cameras. This is not a promotional video.

Here is the link to a video made by Samsung gear 360.

Here is the link to the same video made by Nikon Key Mission 360.