Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016

Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016
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With the release of the 2017 model of the Samsung Gear 360, I’m eagerly waiting for mine to arrive. Luckily I’ve already had a chance to play with one and here’s my comparisons and thoughts about the 2 version of the Samsung Gear 360.

Hopefully this will help you to decide which one to buy and/or whether to upgrade from your existing 360 cam.


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  • I have had the LG 360 as a cheap intro into 360 for the last 6 months and love the form factor and as a samsung phone user wanted to upgrade to a better device. I watched many comparison vids on these gear 360's and have just got a 2016 model and very glad I did.
    The 4K is good enough (but twice as good as the LG) but I love photography and cannot see why they reduced the megapixels by half and also 3mp per individual lens.In a normal camera a reduced megapixel doesnt always equate to poorer images as I still think even an 8mp digital camera can take great pics but in full 360 the 30mp to 15mp looks terrible in what I have seen.
    I got a brand new 2016 model for £120 si very happy.

  • I made all these assessments without having either device…and I agreed with all your points. thus why I have purchased the 2016 version. I love it, This 2017 is not an upgrade at all IMO its simply a new device marketed to a different crowd, again IMO. thank you for confirming even more conclusive that my decision is the right one for me.

  • Dear friend.
    Huge request, do the individual photos and videos (to the minute) on both old and new GEAR360 at the same time with the same camera settings and ambient light. Put in any cloud, so everyone could download and compare visually.
    And of course run a stress test of the new camera , she will be able to write panoramas in 4K and not overheat…
    Unfortunately all the authors of videos about GEAR360 hard to ignore these requests , but want to get objective data.

    I promise to give a link to these materials in Russian groups of fans GEAR360 🙂

    Well, maybe You will be interested, I have my video about underwater housing (original) for GEAR 360 (2016)

  • A great review/comparison except you forgot to mention that the Old (2016) version has a removable battery where as the new 2017 model does not and this is very important to many users. To me it's a deal breaker and I'll be purchasing the older version. A thumbs up for the review.

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