Hulu on Samsung Gear VR – FIRST IMPRESSIONS!

Samsung Gear VR now has Hulu – that’s Hulu Gear VR to its roster of Gear VR apps and games. Gear VR Hulu comes in the footsteps of Gear VR Netflix – so now Hulu and Samsung Gear VR takes us one step closer to not actually having to go to a real movie theater, haha. And they pulled off Hulu VR without having to even have the help of John Carmack! (He’s not involved in this virtual world stitching, because he’s doing other vr projects). But we’re early in 2016 and the Samsung Gear Consumer Version has pretty much been ruling thanks to the Oculus Rift. The question is: Is this a fad, or will we all really be watching what’s in movie theaters now with vr headsets on?