Gear VR: GunJack Game Play Introduction

Here is a quick intro to the game Gun Jack within the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. Note that I got this game free one within my free 6 game bundle.

More info on Gear VR & Galaxy S7 below on Amazon.
Samsung Gear VR:
Galaxy S7 Unlocked:

Note that I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7. I pre-ordered this S7 ($730 tax included) so I got this VR Gear free ($100) along with a 6 game bundle ($50). Also I got a year of free Netflix too but I already had a Netflix account so they credited my account with $120.

It took me forever to figure out how to get what I was seeing on VR Gear to my HDTV. I tried using ChromeCast and a few other mirroring devices which froze after like 3 seconds and other screen recording software that just plain didnt work with the Gear VR. What I used in this video is an app called MirrorOP on my galaxy S7 then used the MirrorOP receiver on my Windows computer (can be used on Mac Book too). Then i mirrored my computer to my HDTV. Note that there is lag on my HDTV compared to what I was actually experiencing on the VR Gear itself.

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