Samsung Gear S2 Review – A Smartwatch More Like A Watch

Using the Samsung gear manager is very simple and easy to manage the Gears S2 , from downloading new gear 2 watch faces to customizing your own watch-face that suits you which is great addition added to the galaxy gear manager which works very flawlessly. You are also able to download free and paid apps for your Gear S2 from Samsung gear app store which has some pretty cool apps, some which even let you watch YouTube on your Gear S2 which is pretty cool.

The Samsung gear battery life is very greatly improved from the last gen , typically you wont need to charge the Gear S2 for a day , for me it typically lasted me all day and I was controlling my music to checking my notifications and typing a message or two, and looking at the time as well of course.

The Gear S2 has great connectivity with Bluetooth and WiFi which makes connection a breeze.

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