360 video VR Girl – How to Take a Nude Selfie (educational vr 360 oculus rift girl)

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00:11 Take a New red bra. How its look like?
00:16 Take sexy red underwear
00:26 Make up yourself
00:49 Take a selfie picture
00:58 More selfies
01:02 Share it on instagram
01:09 Change your position
01:26 Take more selfies
01:36 More and more and more selfies
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If the latest celebrity nude photo leak has taught us anything, it’s that taking a naked picture of yourself isn’t always advisable. That said, sometimes it happens. (Hey, if Jennifer Lawrence is doing it … .) Maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship or you’re with someone who really, really likes them. Or maybe you just feel sexy when you take one.

Whatever your reason, you can take a nude selfie and not get screwed down the road. Keep in mind that showing your face (or any other easily-identifiable body part) is risky and surprisingly unnecessary—less really is more. Here are eight tips on how to take a nude selfie…without it coming back to bite you in the ass. And while it’s a safe bet that you’ll be snapping sexy photos on your smartphone, it must be said that the only real way to avoid your naked photos going viral is to use an old-school camera—if you can find one.

Model a See-Through Bra
Sure, a full-on boob shot can be sexy, but leaving a little to the imagination is even sexier. Slip on a sheer, lacy number, hold your phone out so that you’re just shooting your breasts, and snap away. Use a cool photo filter, like Instagram’s 1977 or Ina’s 1969 Film from Hipstamatic, to give it an arty vibe.

Only Shoot Your Naked Silhouette
To nail this one, you’ll need a really bright light or two behind you. Strip down and pose so that you see a shadow of your body. Try arching your back and popping your butt out, or laying on your side so that your hips are captured—showing curves is key. Then, keep your phone close to your body and shoot your shadow.

Capture Your Curves
Soft lighting is key to pull this one off (it hides imperfections). Light a candle, strip down, and stand in front of it and a little to the side so that a glow hits your butt. Hold your phone behind your butt, aiming to capture your lower back and just one cheek. Arch your back and swivel your hip to one side to really make your booty pop.

Steal Heidi Klum’s Trick
Remember this sexy selfie that Heidi took last year? Cheesy smiley face aside, this is perfect for a nude selfie. All you need is a sheer pair of underwear (or none at all if you want to go bare). Lay down on your back, bend your knees, and shoot from above using your upper arms to squeeze your boobs together for extra cleavage. Curve your shoulders forward slightly, creating the appearance of extra toned abs. If you decide to shoot sans underwear, try snaking your bent knees to one side so you capture more curves (and avoid a full-on crotch shot).

Work Your Legs
A bare leg can be incredibly enticing when it’s shot right. Slip into a pair of spiky stiletto sandals or lacy thigh-highs and stand so that one leg is resting on a chair or the bed. Point your foot (it visually elongates your leg) and just barely touch your toes on the surface. The easiest way to capture this is by bending at the waist and shooting upside down—make sure to get everything from your very upper thigh, all the way down to your toes. Then, apply a retro filter and flip it right-side up before you pass it on.

Copy the Swimsuit Model Move
Ever notice how swimsuit models love to tug on their bikini bottoms in photos? It works for selfies, too. Slip into low-slung sheer or lacy underwear, hook your thumb into the waistband, and tug slightly downward. The goal is to get your hipbone and the top of the crease where your upper thigh meets your lower torso into the shot. Shoot into your mirror and crop it so that it shows the top of your abs your down to your mid-upper thigh.

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