Standing In The Middle Of Meteor Crater – 360 / VR

I had a rare opportunity to actually go into Meteor Crater ( with scientists from the B612 Foundation and view this amazing structure from the inside. Meteor Crater in Arizona is the best example of an impact crater on Earth, there are larger and younger craters but none are so well preserved. As such it remains an important scientific site and access is extremely limited.
There is a great public visitor center which has some great exhibits, crater viewing and guided tours of the crater rim if you are a space fan then this is a unique location
The B612 Foundation is a non-Profit organization working in the field of asteroid defense, if you enjoyed this I urge you to donate to B612

This was recorded during a short rest break at the bottom, I had one take and adlibbed the script from memory, but I do make a couple of mistakes. In particular when talking about the velocity of the impactor I should have said miles per second instead of kilometers per second.

The camera is a Ricoh Theta S which uses a pair of fish eye lenses to take a full 360 degree video, the resolution is sadly quite low, but I felt that being surrounded on all sides by the crater walls represented a unique setting where the sacrifice was worth it.