Top 3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying the Samsung Gear 360

I’ve only had the Samsung Gear 360 for a little more than a week but overtime I go out shooting with it, passersby often stop and check out what I’m doing. The most often question I get ask is « What the f*#k is that!! ».

Once I tell them that it’s a 360 camera, they are often intrigue as to how it works. From these discussions, I realise that most people don’t really know what a 360 camera is but are fascinated about how it works.

So this video is to run through the 3 main thing everyone should know about the Samsung Gear 360 before considering buying one.

By the way, can anyone work out how I shot the 360 video that’s displayed in the video at 2:06mins. It’s a technique I’m playing with and was wondering what people think.

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Some 360 video coming up soon…..