Samsung Gear 360 Camera DETAILED Review

A review of the Samsung Gear 360, 360 Camera. I bought the Samsung Gear 360 at Vidcon for it’s US pre-release. I’ve had the Samsung Gear 360 for about a week and wanted to pass on my thoughts in this review. This video features: unboxing the Samsung Gear 360, Camera Review, Samsung Gear 360 Manager Android App, Gear 360 Action Director PC Software, and tips for shooting 360 video. Overall I think this is a really great 360 camera, I give it 4 out of 5 on the « Topher Scale » — and definitely the best 360 camera I’ve used.

Sample video shot with the Samsung Gear 360 Camera:
360 Samples:
360 LA SkySlide:
360 Laguna beach:

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